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The Scottish duo are possibly one of the hardest bands to describe in terms of genre, and it just feels like a disservice to call them a ‘rock’ band! Somewhere in between Paramore and Rage Against The Machine (huge difference, we know) and the energy of a band like At The Drive In!  Hamish will assault you with some of the most furious riffs you’ve ever heard yet they’ll automatically disarm you as soon as Janine starts singing. It’s a blend of genres that keeps you guessing which way they’re going to go next. If you've never heard them before then you’re in for a treat, if you’re familiar with them then you’ll already know you do not want to miss out on seeing these guys live! 

FFO: PVRIS, Linkin Park, early Paramore

New heat: LASSO

Our favourite cuts: La Di Da, Violent Minds

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