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Blackpool’s finest export, the fabulous fivesome, the alt-punk legends Boston Manor are joining us, belter! In 2016 they became everyone’s favourite pop-punk/Emo band when we all heard ‘Laika’ for the first time and they’ve only gotten better since, especially after embracing their alt-rock influences and really showcasing just how good their riffs and hooks are. They’re not your average four chord wonders. Massive chuggy riffs, the most insanely anthemic vocals and punk hooks that plant themselves in your ear holes and live there rent-free for the rest of eternity, we’re absolutely buzzing to be able to bring them to the Toon!

FFO: Don Broco, Deaf Havana, Blink-182

New Heat: Foxglove

Our Favourite cuts: Halo,  Brand New Kids, Plastacine Dreams

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